G Apartment

Location Madrid, Spain
Date 2018
Size 91 m²
Client Private
Status Built
Photography Luis Diaz Diaz

The perimeter of the apartment shapes an irregular polygon, initially forming many corners and thus giving rise to residual spaces.

The intervention attempts to bring spatial clarity to this previously existing disorder. In order to do so, a squared central area is established, acting as the core space of the house, around which are connected the different areas of the program in either a more open or filtered way according to their specific use. The direct access to either room through this great hall avoids creating long corridors. The arrangement of each area is determined by the three existing windows, around which are located both bedrooms and the living room.

Through this approach, the apartment functions as a sole polyvalent space, with the possibility to be enlarged according to the needs of its inhabitants or the number of people using it in each particular occasion.