1. L Apartment L Apartment
  2. Charlotte's Gate Charlotte's Gate
  3. Three Brothers Apartment Three Brothers Apartment
  4. Carousel Group Carousel Group
  5. Thor Spain Thor Spain
  6. D Apartment D Apartment
  7. C Apartment C Apartment
  8. N-E N-E
  9. G Apartment G Apartment
  10. H Apartment H Apartment


  1. Localization Madrid, Spain
  2. Date 2019
  3. Surface 43 m²
  4. Client N-E
  5. Status Unbuilt

An office for a design and communication studio in the centre of Madrid, in the avant-garde neighbourhood of Malasaña.
The proposal had to temporarily separate the different spaces in addition to covering the storage areas that should not be visible. The entire budget is allocated to the architectural element that solves this, leaving the walls and floors in their original state.

Through an acoustic curtain, the different rooms can become independent and vary their programmatic identity depending on its placement. The curtain buffers its impact on space through its materiality. Elaborated in velvet, it responds to the classic character of the building, built in the mid-eighteenth century.

In addition to solving all these functional aspects, the curtain also acts as a decorative and presentation element in the access area.

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