1. L Apartment L Apartment
  2. Charlotte's Gate Charlotte's Gate
  3. Three Brothers Apartment Three Brothers Apartment
  4. Carousel Group Carousel Group
  5. Thor Spain Thor Spain
  6. D Apartment D Apartment
  7. C Apartment C Apartment
  8. N-E N-E
  9. G Apartment G Apartment
  10. H Apartment H Apartment

Carousel Group

  1. Localization Madrid, Spain
  2. Date 2020
  3. Surface 560 m²
  4. Client Carousel Group
  5. Status Built
  6. Photography Luis Díaz Díaz

The structure that was originally a high-rise parking, is currently a building housing offices and homes on 6 levels. Its powerful concrete pillars are manifested across all floors in different programs and spaces.

The project consists in organizing one of the floors to be used as the headquarters of a global iGaming company. In order to do so an orthogonal grid is introduced, which hierarchizes the large open space, allowing it to house the different parts required in the program. This grid is characterized by its variable density, generating spaces with very different surfaces, as well as by its permeability, since all the rooms are connected. Only the meeting spaces have glass doors, which allow acoustic isolation while maintaining visual connection. The grid is built with plasterboard walls painted in different colors depending on the use of each area. This tonal variety caricatures the corporatism present in many workspaces.

The furniture however is reaffirmed black, avoiding as such associations with the program where it is located. The office’s former suspended ceiling is removed, revealing the horizontal concrete structure, which together with the pillars, reveal the true identity of the building. The profiles serve as support for the installation of the new luminaires.

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